Workers sue candle company, say it endangered them before tornado

Mayfield, Kentucky — Several workers injured when a candle factory here was decimated by a tornado Friday night are suing the candle maker, reports CBS Louisville affiliate WLKY-TV. The factory is being called a “modern-day sweatshop” by one of the lawyers representing survivors. “

The suit was filed Tuesday and claims employees were warned that if they didn’t leave Mayfield Consumer Products Factory due to tornado warnings, they would be fired. The lawsuit alleges that there were serious safety violations and an elaborate cover-up to protect the company.

The remnants of the Mayfield Consumer Products factory, in Mayfield, Ky. Employees were working overtime making candles for the holidays when a tornado hit Friday night.

CBS News

Its representatives are denying the claims. According to The Associated Press, a spokesperson for the company claimed that workers were allowed to quit at any time.

Governor Andy Beshear said that his office would thoroughly investigate the factory as it is required by law to investigate workplace deaths. The twister claimed the lives of eight people.

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More than 100 people were working on holiday candle orders when the funnel leveled the facility. Initial fears were raised that many workers might be missing in the debris due to the extent of the destruction.

The company said that many of the workers who had survived the disaster fled the site, and they went home without phone service. This added to confusion about who is missing.

Since then, all workers have been accounted for, according to state and local officials who have spoken to the company. Louisville Emergency Management Director E.J. Meiman stated late Monday that the authorities “now have a high degree of confidence that no one is still in this building.” “

Attorneys stated that employees would share their survival stories on Friday’s gospel radio show.

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