The Chiropractic Doctors Proud To Offer Chiropractic Services To Grand Rapids For 35 Years

Grand Rapids, MI For 35 years, The Chiropractic Doctors have provided chiropractic services to the greater Grand Rapids area. Their location is a fully renovated 2000 square foot facility with updated aesthetics, state-of-the-art digital x-ray technology, and premier clinic & rehabilitation facilities, including massage therapy, spinal decompression, and fitness/nutrition counseling. In-house wellness advisors can assist you in creating your own personalized health plan.

They treat families and professionals who recognize the value of chiropractic care. Before beginning patient treatment, an examination is required. Most people come to The Chiropractic Doctors after realizing they have a problem or are suffering from chronic pain. Examples of pain include neck, back, or shoulder problems. To determine where the pain is coming from, an x-ray may be required. After that, the chiropractor will provide a detailed chiropractic treatment plan.

They have a team of chiropractors who are skilled in the treatment and care of spinal problems. The gentle techniques they use ensure safety, comfortability and efficiency. Chiropractic Doctors can use their techniques on any patient, regardless of age. These methods are gentle and effective, as well as safe. They aim to relieve pain quickly and get people back on the right track. The treatments provide pain relief and help to identify the root cause.

In addition to relieving pain, their treatments can help people with neurological disorders or chronic health conditions. The doctors are able to help you if you have symptoms such as headaches, migraines or dizziness. The doctors take great pride in their ability to provide quality medical care and will be open and honest with patients about the options available. The office has the latest technology available to pinpoint issues and give you the best possible care.

When people in Grand Rapids come to The Chiropractic Doctors, they will be greeted by a helpful and knowledgeable team with the tools and training to get them back on track with their health goals. They are located at 5747 28th ST SE Grand Rapids, MI 49546. Call them today at (616) 252-1516 to schedule an appointment or for any questions. For more information about the company and the services they provide, visit their website at

Company Name: The Chiropractic Doctors In Grand Rapids
Contact Person: Dr. Matthew Phinney
Phone: +16163453885
Address: 5747 28th St SE
City: Grand Rapids
State: MI 49546
Country: US

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