The Chiropractic Doctors Announces the Expansion of Their Service Area To Include Grand Rapids MI

The Chiropractor Doctors in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is excited to announce the expansion of their service area. With the most up-to-date technology and techniques available, Dr. Matthew Phinney will be able now to provide chiropractic care for patients throughout West Michigan. This expansion will allow them to help more patients who require pain relief and rehabilitation. “It’s great to be able help more people, which was the reason why I started my career as a chiropractor,” Dr Phinney said. This will allow Grand Rapids residents to get quality chiropractic care.

With this expansion comes an increase in chiropractor staff so that each patient receives personalized care at every appointment. The expansion of the clinic will allow new services such as massage therapy, physical therapy and nutrition counseling to be offered. This means that you don’t have to drive around trying to find someone who can help. Chiropractors in Grand Rapids have manual therapy techniques to help patients find pain relief that they have never experienced before.

For almost 35 years, The Chiropractor Doctors has been the premier chiropractic clinic in the greater Grand Rapids area. The chiropractic doctors in Grand Rapids can provide a variety of services such as chiropractic care for back pain, neck discomfort, and sciatica is one of these therapies. These doctors are experts in work-related and car accidents. They offer affordable treatments to all patients regardless of financial situation so everyone can afford quality care.

Dr. Matthew Phinney also believes in chiropractic care for community health and wellness. His services include nutritional counseling, nutrition supplements, weight loss counseling, physical therapy and massage therapy. These techniques are even taught to medical professionals by Dr. Phinney. He believes that chiropractors should not just diagnose patients and send them on their way but instead should focus on building a long-lasting relationship and offer their patients all the tools they need to get healthy again.

For interested patients, The Chiropractor Doctors are located at 5747 28th ST SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546. To learn more about their services or their staff, visit them online at or call (616) 432-3103 to schedule an appointment. For all your chiropractic concerns, they are here to assist you.

Company Name: The Chiropractic Doctors in Grand Rapids
Contact Person: Dr. Matthew Phinney
Phone: 616-432-3103
Address: 5747 28th St SE
City: Grand Rapids
State: MI
Country: USA

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