Southwestern Hearing Centers Offers Hearing Aid Repairs in Chesterfield, MO

— Southwestern Hearing Centers is pleased to announce that they have launched their new service: hearing aid repair in Chesterfield. The opportunity for Chesterfield residents to have their hearing aids fixed in a more convenient manner is exciting.

The company is aiming to provide the best service possible for those experiencing hearing loss and are looking for assistance with their devices. The center can repair or modify malfunctioning devices and will offer settings adjustments.

Customers can expect to benefit from expert advice and guidance when choosing the right device for them.

Clients will also have access to a range of hearing aid accessories that they may not have been able to enjoy before, such as tubing or earmolds in smaller sizes, which are ideal for people with smaller ears. The company also offers testing and cleaning services.

Services Offered:

Hearing aid repair – whether it’s a case of a broken hearing aid linking or a problem with the device itself, our expert technicians are able to work with almost any make or model. Our goal is to get your hearing aid back in use as quickly as possible. Our experts at Southwestern Hearing Center can handle minor hearing aid repairs. Sometimes, serious damage might require a return to manufacturer.

Cleaning – the ear is one of the most delicate areas of the body and they are very sensitive to bacteria. To remove wax buildup, they will clean the hearing aids. This can cause problems with the device’s performance.

Test and diagnostics – they are able to test for common problems such as feedback or background noise, before offering advice on how to resolve them.

The cost of most hearing aid repairs depends on the concerns corrected. The cost of most hearing aid repairs depends on the condition. Larger faults can require longer repairs and more expensive components. Wearers of hearing aids should contact their provider immediately if they experience malfunction.

The team at Southwestern Hearing is lead by veteran hearing specialist Michael Marino, B.C.-H.I.S. He is Nationally Board Certified and has a Master’s Certificate in Auditory Prosthesis. He has been a member of the International Hearing Aid Society since 1973 and currently a member of the American Hearing Society. He also holds the Missouri Certificate of Authority, which allows him to instruct hearing instrument science.

Southwestern Hearing Centers is open for appointments Monday through Saturday, and can be contacted at (844) 406-8048 or by visiting them online.

Company Name: Southwestern Hearing
Contact Person: Brian Marino
Phone: (844) 406-8048
Address: 16 Hampton Village Plaza, 2nd Floor, Suite 290
City: St. Louis
State: MO
Country: United States

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