Shower Door Company GCS Glass & Mirror Offers Expert Advice for Homeowners Renovating Their Bathrooms

— GCS Glass & Mirror is proud to offer expert advice and guidance to homeowners who are renovating their bathrooms. In bathroom design, walk-in showers have become very common. These showers add style and convenience to your bathroom. While homeowners love the idea of a walk in shower, it is important to remember that there are other factors to think about, such as bathroom renovation costs. The bathroom’s size is an important factor. Walk-in showers will take up more space than traditional showers, so make sure there’s enough space to accommodate them. It is possible to ensure that your new walk-in bathroom will look stylish as well as functional by taking time to consider these aspects.

GCS Glass & Mirror has been the leading custom shower glass company near Long Island since 2013. They can create whatever design that a customer may have in mind, whether it’s an upgrade to their bathroom with a walk-in shower or they need a wide choice of styles and colors to choose from. It’s important that you do a bathroom renovation right. GCS Glass & Mirror can provide expert guidance to homeowners so that they are able to have a beautiful, functional bathroom.

Brandon Nicastro of GCS Glass & Mirror said.”We often get calls from homeowners who are in the middle of a renovation and aren’t sure what to do about their shower. Although they may have read about great walk-ins in magazines or online, many homeowners aren’t sure whether these will fit in their home. We can help. They can use our expertise to help visualize their space and determine the best glass solution for them. GCS Glass & Mirror is a local GCS company that specializes in residential and commercial custom glass and mirror projects. GCS Glass & Mirror Of Long Island is based on the belief that customer service matters, from beginning to end.

For more information about GCS Glass & Mirror Long Island, NY, please visit their website at

Company Name: GCS Glass & Mirror
Contact Person: Brandon Nicastro
Phone: (516) 400-2514
Address: 20 Wesley St.
City: Center Moriches
State: NY
Country: United States

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