Russia-Ukraine war live updates: Russian forces pushed away from Kharkiv; international effort to evacuate Mariupol resumes

Dozens of Ukrainian civilians arrived at a temporary camp in a Russian-held territory on May 2 after being evacuated from a steel plant in Mariupol. (Video: Reuters)

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ZAPORIZHZHIA, Ukraine — The first group of evacuees from Mariupol’s embattled Azovstal steel plant reached this Ukrainian-controlled city Tuesday afternoon local time, after weeks of failed efforts. Mariupol mayor says that more evacuations are being made from the troubled port city. A smaller group was previously evacuated from the Russian-held territory.

Officials said 101 civilians remain trapped at the plant — and separately, the Red Cross said it remains concerned about the people still stuck in ‘hell.’

Britain has promised to send armored vehicles to help Ukraine with civilian evacuations.

In Lviv, missile strikes damaged the electrical infrastructure and causing power outages in some areas, local leaders said. Water supply could also be affected. Lviv, less than 50 miles from the Polish border, is considered relatively safe and has become a base of operations for foreign diplomats, aid organizations and journalists. The Russian attack on other areas of Ukraine has not affected Lviv.

Here’s what else to know

  • French President Emmanuel Macron told Russian President Vladimir Putin that he is ready to help counter a Russian blockade on Ukrainian food exports; Ukraine is a major exporter of grain, and the war has raised concerns about ripple effects on global food supplies.
  • U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin left open the possibility that parts of the Ukrainian military might be hoarding U.S.-made weapons, adding that it is difficult for the Pentagon to assess because the U.S. military has no forces in Ukraine.
  • Pope Francis, in an interview with Italian media, said Hungarian leader Viktor Orban told him that “everything will be over on May 9.” The Washington Post reported last month, however, that Russian President Vladimir Putin may use Russia’s Victory Day to accelerate the war effort.
  • Moscow is preparing to annex vast new swaths of Ukrainian territory — the eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, along with the southern city of Kherson — in the coming days, U.S. intelligence indicates.
  • The Washington Post has lifted its paywall for readers in Russia and Ukraine. Telegram users can subscribe to our channel.

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