Russia-Ukraine live updates: Kyiv, other cities under fierce bombardment as Moscow ramps up ‘indiscriminate’ assault

MUKACHEVO, Ukraine — Russian troops advanced Saturday into the eastern outskirts of Mariupol, a strategic port on Ukraine’s southern coast, while several cities across the country, from Kyiv, the capital, to Mykolaiv, another key city on the Black Sea, continued to face withering bombardment. A top Kremlin diplomat advised the United States that Russia might target Ukrainian convoys with Western weapons as Russia escalated its attack. As the Biden administration mulls how more advanced weapons to assist Ukraine’s defense which has been hit with setbacks, the Russian Deputy Foreign Ministry Sergei Ryabkov warns.

Meanwhile, the humanitarian disaster is mounting, with Ukrainian officials accusing Russia of striking a hospital in Mykolaiv and a mosque in Mariupol. Local officials from Poland where 1.5 million Ukrainian refugees fled to flee to Ukraine warned them that it was difficult to handle the influx. Germany stated Saturday, that the world must help the massive influx.

Here’s what to know

  • The governor of Ukraine’s Donetsk region confirmed Saturday that Ukrainian soldiers had pulled out of Volnovakha, which is strategically important as an inland gateway to Mariupol.
  • A convoy of trucks carrying 90 tons of food and medicine left for Ukraine’s southern port of Mariupol on Saturday, trying to cross Russian front lines into the city, where food supplies are running low and residents are trapped without power and water.
  • A total of 79 children have been killed and at least 100 wounded in the fighting as of Saturday, according to the Ukrainian prosecutor general’s office. The United Nations said Saturday that it had recorded 579 civilian deaths and more than 1,000 injuries so far, adding that the real figure could be much higher.
  • Protesters gathered in Melitopol, a southern port city, in opposition to the alleged abduction of the city’s mayor by Russian forces. Russia has accused the mayor, Ivan Fedorov, of “terrorist activities,” according to the Associated Press.


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