Russia-Ukraine: Biden is skeptical about Russia’s promise to “drastically reduce” its aggression

” “I don’t understand it until I look at their actions,” Biden said of Russia’s pledge. John Kirby, a Pentagon spokesperson, echoed these sentiments and said that no one should believe the Kremlin. Kirby said a report by a U.S. General that some Russian troops were leaving Kyiv confirmed this, but stated officials still believe there is a possibility of a major offensive in the other areas of Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said late Tuesday that news from the negotiations was “positive” but that Kyiv has “no reason to trust” Moscow’s assurances. He said that “These signals don’t silence the blast of Russian shells.”

During the peace talks, which took place in Istanbul, Ukrainian representatives outlined a proposal that included an agreement by their country to drop its bid to join NATO and a 15-year timeline for negotiations with Russia over the status of Crimea. Despite diplomats meeting in Turkey, fighting in Ukraine continued.

Here’s what to know

  • Vladimir Medinsky, an adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin, appeared to suggest that Putin and Zelensky could meet in person if a peace agreement were signed.
  • Evacuations from the devastated southern city of Mariupol resumed Tuesday, one day after they were halted across the country due to security concerns. More than 1,600 escaped Mariupol and a nearby region, officials said.
  • The governor of Mykolaiv said a missile struck a local government building. Ukraine’s emergency services said that seven people died and 22 were injured in the attack, and that a search-and-rescue operation is ongoing.
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