Peru’s latest PM resigns amid past domestic violence reports

LIMA, Peru — Peru’s newly named prime minister resigned Saturday a day after President Pedro Castillo announced that he will renew his Cabinet yet again amid the biggest crisis since his administration began.

Hector Valer, the third prime minister in the six months of Castillo’s government, said he was “machine-gunned by the newspapers” that created an image of him as “abusive and violent.”

Local media released police complaints from 2016 against Valer for domestic violence in which his wife and daughter accused him of physical aggression, including kicking, punching and pulling hair.

Valer denied having assaulted them. His wife passed away in 2021.

He is Peru’s shortest-serving prime minister in the last 42 years at just three days on the job. Castillo, who will name his fourth prime minister, has pledged that the new Cabinet would be open-minded and inclusive of all political parties.

Castillo’s government remains mired in crisis. People who voted in him for the 2021 election protest his inattention in selecting ministers.

Former conservative candidate Keiko Fujimori, who lost to Castillo, said earlier that Peru’s president must resign.

“He does not know how to summon people; he does not feel the responsibility of the position,” she said.

Castillo, a former rural schoolteacher, began his administration on July 28, 2021.

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