New York Judge approves New Congress Maps

A state judge approved the new maps for New York late Friday. This set off an uproar among legislators and candidates trying to determine their congressional districts or where they should run.

On Saturday night, Patrick McAllister, a state judge released new maps. It followed a chaotic week in New York politics after Jonathan Cervis, a special master appointed by the court, released a draft map that was less favorable to Democrats than the one drawn by the Democratic-controlled legislature. After removing the maps from earlier in the year, Cervis was appointed by New York’s Supreme Court.

Cervis made a few changes in the final maps released late Friday, but the new map still only has 15 safe Democratic districts, three safe Republican districts and eight competitive districts. New York’s current congressional delegation has 19 Democrats and eight Republicans, and the state is losing a seat due to the population loss in the 2020 census.

“This map creates eight districts that are competitive in which any party can win, and three in which Republicans have a good chance of winning,” McAllister explained.

While the ruling laid out some of the concerns of the new maps, the new map still leaves in place the new 12th District in Manhattan, which will result in longtime Reps. Jerry Nadler and Carolyn Maloney running against each other. , a strong Democrat from the House Judiciary Committee told he’d run for this new district.

A potentially nasty setup had been brewing in New York’s 17th District, currently represented by Rep. Mondaire Jones. Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, the chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the campaign arm for House Democrats, lives in the current 18th District but the new map had him living in the 17th District. He quickly announced he would be running in the 17th, saying it not only included his home but “many of the Hudson Valley communities I currently represent.” Jones said that Maloney had not given him a heads up before going on Twitter to announce his candidacy. “

Jones tweeted early Saturday that he would be running in the newly-created 10th District, which runs through Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. This announcement puts Bill de Blasio (former New York City mayor) in a fight for the seat.

Nicole Killion contributed to this report.

Aaron Navarro

Aaron Navarro is an associate producer for the political unit at CBS News, focusing on House and gubernatorial campaigns as well as the census and redistricting.

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