Near forest lake, remains of missing woman found

The skeletal remains of a 37-year-old woman missing since December have been discovered near Lake Shaver in California’s Sierra National Forest, authorities said.

Samantha Tomlinson, of Fresno, was reported missing on December 3, 2021, after she did not return from a shopping trip, CBS Sacramento reported. Crews started searching for Tomlinson. They checked the Sierra National Forest, Sequoia National Park and other areas because Tomlinson was an avid hiker.

Samantha Tomlinson

Fresno County Sheriff’s Office

However, crews were unable to find Tomlinson or her car.

On May 2, the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office received a report of an abandoned 2002 Honda Civic east of Shaver Lake. After checking the plate they found that it belonged to Tomlinson.

It was thought that the vehicle had been snow-covered throughout winter, which is the reason it didn’t turn up sooner.

After the discovery, around 20 search and rescue members were deployed to the area to continue the search for Tomlinson.

On May 4th, search and rescue personnel discovered bones in a rough area about half a mile from the spot where Tomlinson was found.

The bones were brought to the coroner’s offices where Tomlinson was identified via dental records.

Authorities have not confirmed that foul play was involved.

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