Innovative and Forward-Thinking Data-Based Tool CURP Clave Transforming The Way In Which Big Business Markets in Mexico

Mexico – CURP Clave is an innovative and data-driven tool transforming how big businesses are marketing to the Mexican population. This system was created from the unique Mexican way of registering its population. Each person is given a unique key to access the population registration system, which is often referred to as the best in the world. If a company is granted access to the key, and they can crack it, they will be able to target certain demographics or age groups as well as virtually all other niches.

Although the password system might appear to be a very simple process, due to the sheer volume of numbers, there is a relatively high level of complexity and barriers that must be succumbed in order to be able to identify any one individual efficiently. Once the code is cracked it’s possible to quickly find out the person’s age and place of birth.

Organizations that are in charge of identifying and carrying out population censuses, which in turn is very important information for carrying out market studies or simply population censuses that allow the country to make an important decision regarding the construction of infrastructure and health services.

With the launch of the CURP program, a company can target a precise sector of the Mexican market. The CURP program will give a company almost any information about the individual or population they wish to target. Every business that operates in Mexico must be familiar with the CURP codes. The CURP codes are different in each country. If any company wants to know more information about the CURP key, they can undertake a more exhaustive investigation by visiting

The history of the CURP code has its origins in past government administrations with the purpose and firm objective that Mexicans could complete government procedures that previously took hours or days. That was the theory behind the CURP Code. It allowed individuals and businesses to complete tasks within minutes. Other benefits include the ability to quickly identify any person accurately, precisely, and rapidly. You can use the system to identify individuals and to obtain data for electoral campaigns. For more information about the company and the services they provide, visit their website at

Company Name: Imprimir CURP
Contact Person: Secretaria de Gobernacion
Phone: 55 51 28 11 11
City: DF
Country: Mexico

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