In Nicaragua, opposition figures, including Chamorro were convicted

MEXICO CITY — Cristiana Chamorro was a journalist and potential presidential candidate. She was convicted of money laundering as well as other criminal offenses by a judge. Confidencial is a news website run by Cristiana Chamorro. It reported that her brother Carlos Fernando Chamorro and two other members of her mother’s foundation were convicted of money laundering.

Cristiana Chamorro has been under house arrest since June, one of several dozen opposition figures arrested by President Daniel Ortega’s government ahead of the November elections. Ortega won a fourth term with Chamorro, and other prominent potential rivals out of his way.

Carlos Fernando Chamorro said via Twitter that Ortega’s justice system had found them all guilty. Although he faced the same charges, he fled to exile.

Vilma Nunez, the director of the non-governmental Nicaragua Center for Human Rights also agreed with the verdicts.

Ortega targeted Nicaraguan non-governmental organizations, cutting off foreign funding and seizing their offices. He also cancelled their charters. They are said to have worked for foreign interests who wanted him out of office.

The Violeta Barrios de Chamorro Foundation closed its operations in January 2021. The foundation provided journalistic training, supported journalists’ funding and protected freedom of expression.

Cristiana Chamorro, 68, had previously served as editor of La Prensa, Nicaragua’s largest newspaper. Her father, Pedro Joaquin Chamorro had been its editor until his murder in 1978.

This trial was the first in a series of proceedings that started last month at El Chipote jail.

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