Famous Frames Storyboard Artist Sketched The Concept of One of The Superbowl Ads 2022

Culver City CA – Famous Frames, one of the leading artistic agencies in the United States, is pleased to announce that one of their storyboard artists was involved in developing and sketching for one of the adverts shown at the 2022 Super Bowl. Famous Frames celebrates its success at the Superbowl with a featured artist, chosen as an active participant in this year’s campaign.
The Superbowl is one of the most influential advertising events of the year, with some of the best Super Bowl Commercials in history, such as the 1984 Apple Macintosh Advert obtaining almost legendary status. Many storyboard artists dream of being involved in such a large production, with millions of views worldwide.
“Famous Frames has established a reputation over the last thirty years for the expertise of their artists and the quality and standard of the materials which they produce,” said Karl Hirsch, a spokesperson for Famous Frames. Famous Frames was proud to have played a part in the overall success of this campaign. “We’ve had our artists participate in large campaigns like the Super Bowl before. But the Larry David FTX Commercial got rave reviews. It was regarded by many as the most memorable commercial of the event.” Karl Hirsch, a spokesperson for Famous Frames. Famous Frames was very proud to have played a part in the overall success of the campaign.”
Famous Frames was founded in Los Angeles in 1988 and has become the preeminent talent agency representing artists who specialize in storyboards, shooting boards, and comp. art. The company also offers full-service animatic and cinematic production. Famous Frames is a global roster of top illustrators. It has a headquarters in Culver, California and a regional office located in NYC and Paris. The clientele is a true list of celebrities in the entertainment and advertising industries. Today’s mass media showcases their artist’s impact through blockbuster movies, TV ads and print ads. Famous Frames offers personalized service, with real people who respond to every project’s specific requirements. Artists can either work remotely or in-house. Assignments can also be downloaded via their website, protected by passwords. Innovation. There are many options. Flexibility. Experience. You can rest assured. Famous Frames can create photos that tell the story and sell it. More information on storyboard jobs, artist jobs, animator jobs and storyboard artists can be found at Famous Frames. For more information about animator jobs, storyboard artists and other illustration opportunities please contact Famous Frames.

Company Name: Famous Frames
Contact Person: Karl Hirsch
Address: 11124 Washington Blvd
City: Culver City
State: CA 90232
Country: USA
Website: https://famousframes.com/

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