Elizabeth Warren: Building Back Better is “crossing the finish line.”

Democratic Elizabeth Warren said that she was open to the breaking down of the Build Back Better bill in order to improve its chances at passing

” I’m open for whatever it takes to help us get to the end. We don’t have one Republican who will lower prescription drug prices, or one that would give universal childcare. And we won’t get any Republican who is going say that corporations with billions of dollars are not allowed to pay zero taxes. All those are in Build Back Better. She said that we just have to finish the race.

The expanded child tax credit was one program she highlighted that had to be passed. The program which impacted 36 million families expired this month.

The Senate is also debating a key voting rights bill which is set to resume Tuesday.

” Voting is fundamental. This is our entire foundation of democracy. Warren stated that Republicans control state legislatures across the country and are trying to prevent people voting.

But, Democratic Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin have said they are opposed a change in Senate rules to lowering the 60-vote threshold needed to pass legislation.

Warren was asked if Sinema or Manchin should be facing primary challenges in 2024,. He replied: “We’ll deal with that when we get over this week.”

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