California Personal Injury Firm MVP Accident Attorneys Proud To Be One of The Original Premier Members of Justice HQ

Irvine CA – MVP Accident Attorneys, one of the fastest-growing personal injury case specialists in California, is delighted to announce that they are one of the first members of Premier Justice HQ. Justice HQ offers a unique membership to plaintiff lawyers that provides a better alternative to traditional law firms. Justice HQ offers premier space and a tech-based platform that allows members to connect with their peers, scale their businesses on their terms.

Premiere members are committed to enhancing the legal profession and helping other companies and members to grow. This is done by making themselves and their staff available to members of the JHQ community. They are also heavily invested in member education and growth. Premier members often host case collaboration sessions, and are available to have one-to-one discussions.

“We are proud and privileged to be one of the original premier members of Justice HQ,” said Brett Sachs, founder and CEO of MVP Accident Attorneys. We take pride in our work and we also love helping others. Justice HQ has been an outstanding organization. We intend to continue to contribute to it for many more years.

MVP Accident Attorneys is a law firm that focuses exclusively on Personal Injury cases. These complex legal matters require the expertise of an experienced attorney to help you get successful results. A lawyer who focuses on one practice area gains invaluable experience in dealing with insurance companies and learning about common problems and devising effective strategies. MVP Accident Attorneys is focused on one area of law. For more information on the company, or to book a free no-obligation quotation, visit the company website at

Company Name: Case Engine
Contact Person: Cyle
Phone: 7206899705
Address: 2420 17th St #4082
City: Denver
State: Colorado
Country: United States

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