Bombing hits security convoy in SW Pakistan, kills 5 troops

QUETTA, Pakistan — A roadside bomb targeted a security convoy in southwest Pakistan on Tuesday, killing at least five soldiers and wounding 28 people, mostly policemen, authorities said.

Noone immediately claimed responsibility in connection with the attack on the Baluchistan district, Sibi. Wazir Murree from the local police said that rescuers took in wounded and dead people to hospital, where an emergency declaration was made. Some of the injured were said to be in serious condition.

Local media said the bombing happened near an open area where an annual cultural show was being held. Arif Alvi, Pakistan’s president, attended the festival earlier in the day. Alvi visited the area and the targeted convoy was part a security operation. Hours after Alvi left the region, the bombing occurred.

Baluchistan has been the scene of a long-running insurgency by various Baluch secessionist groups that for decades have staged attacks on security forces and police to press their demands for independence. Despite authorities claiming they have stopped the insurgency violence continues in the province. There are also local militants as well as Islamic State-linked sleeper cells.

Last week, an Islamic State suicide bomber struck inside a Shiite Muslim mosque in the northwestern city of Peshawar during Friday prayers, killing at least 63 worshippers and wounding nearly 200 people.

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