Bentonville Septic Pumping Specialist Highlighting Delays in Soil Testing and Design Installs Due To Lack of Supplies and Skilled Workers

Bentonville AR – BBB Septic Solutions, one of the leading providers of Septic Pumping, Septic Installation, and Septic Design in NorthWest Arkansas, is warning potential customers who are in the market for a brand new septic system install to book sooner rather than later as there is nearly a six-month delay due to a scarcity of supplies and skilled labor.

Previously when starting a brand new job from scratch, it would take an average of approximately six weeks, but those same jobs are now taking approximately six to nine months as there simply are not the skilled workers available to complete the soil testing and system design. One of the factors contributing to this problem is a shortage in supply due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but perhaps a more significant issue is that the number of skilled workers within the industry is shrinking. They are either retiring, or they have a slower pace of completing jobs. This is exacerbated when there are less tradespeople who enter this industry.

“There is a real problem for the industry as a whole, and potentially in the future, if we cannot attract the younger generations to work within the Septic Niche,” said Jon Jouvenaux of BBB Solutions. I don’t know the cause of the problem, but it is imperative that the industry attracts new employees or else the situation will only get worse. These two factors are crucial because we don’t have the resources to do as much. There is also a lot of volatility in the cost of materials, which means that most estimates are only valid for a period of two weeks because otherwise it is virtually impossible to price up a job.”

BBB Septic Solution launched in 1987, with just one small septic tank truck and one small portable toilet truck (for the portable toilet side of their business). They now have 16 trucks in their fleet and own an assortment of excavation equipment. They can now service more clients without the need to rent the equipment. Their management team carefully selects each of the licensed, fully-trained technicians to offer complete septic tank service in Northwest Arkansas, from Rogers AR to Fayetteville AR. Their reputation as a trusted provider of septic services in Northwest Arkansas is now established. The company is a trusted septic service provider in Northwest Arkansas. For more information about the company and the products and services they provide, visit their website at

Company Name: BBB Septic Solution
Contact Person: Jon Jouveneaux
Phone: 479-271-0058
Address: 4149 Cook Rd #1
City: Bentonville
State: AR
Country: US

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