After old tweets are surfaced, Harris’s new communications director will meet with Latino legislators

Vice president Kamala Harris’s new communications director will meet this week to discuss past tweets regarding immigrants. He continues to be under pressure by Latino leaders to clarify himself.

Jamal Simmons assumed the role of communications director last week. He is set to meet with members from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus via video conference on Thursday, according to people who are familiar with the details. A White House official said that Simmons and Latino legislators will speak on Thursday in a “mutually agreed upon meeting”.

A day after his new role was announced, immigration rights advocates unearthed tweets from 2010, when Simmons commented on the appearance of two “undocumented folks” who appeared on MSNBC.

Jamal Simmons joined Margaret Brennan for a political panel on the 2020 race on “Face the Nation” in Washington, DC Sunday March 31, 2019. Photo: Chris Usher/CBS (c) 2019 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All rights reserved. Chris Usher

“Why wouldn’t ICE pick them up?” Simmons was referring to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Simmons, a longtime Democratic Party consultant who also served as a political analyst for CBS News during the 2020 presidential campaign cycle, apologized for his past remarks.

“As pundit, I tweet+spoke A lot,” he explained on January 7 by tweeting . In his explanation on January 7, he said that he had been “sarcastic”, unclear, or simply missed the mark at times. Sorry for offending people who are as concerned about America’s multiethnic and diverse democracy as I am. I will rep Biden-Harris administration with sincerity, humility, respect. “

Simmons has plunged right into his new role, traveling last week with President Biden and Harris to Atlanta for their remarks on voting rights. The revelations regarding his past remarks come at an awkward time for Simmons, the Vice President. He faces unimaginable scrutiny, as she is the first minority woman to hold the position of number 2. Harris and President Biden traveled last week with him.

Harris has also been restocking her team after several year-end departures. This includes senior advisors, communications assistants, and the head of her press advancement team.

News of Thursday’s scheduled meeting was first reported by Axios.

Tim Perry contributed to this report.

Ed O’Keefe

Ed O'Keefe

Ed O’Keefe is a senior White House and political correspondent for CBS News based in Washington, D.C.

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