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Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall orders an investigation of domestic violence cases. This follows a two year investigation conducted by Norah O’Donnell, CBS News’ managing editor and the investigation unit that looked into how the military handles such cases.

” I am deeply troubled by the allegations of inappropriate handling of domestic violence complaints, which you highlighted in your broadcast. And have instructed the Department of the Air Force inspector General to perform a thorough review of these cases,” Kendall stated in a Wednesday statement.

Kendall stated that the watchdog will review the investigation of allegations and take disciplinary action to support victims.

” “There’s no room for domestic violence, sexual assault or harassment in the Department of the Air Force,” said he.

CBS News’ investigation found that roughly 100,000 incidents of domestic abuse have been reported to the military since 2015. Nearly 40 domestic violence survivors told CBS News that the military failed to protect them.

Among those who spoke to CBS News was now-retired Master Sergeant Erica Johnson, who told Air Force leaders in 2019 that she was being physically and sexually assaulted. Johnson stated that an investigation was opened by the Air Force’s Office of Special Investigations, but did not “go anywhere”.

Emily Brearley said to the Air Force that she was afraid for her safety after her former partner, an Air Force officer had attempted to strangle and beat her.

She told the Air Force repeatedly about the violence and the Office of Special Investigations opened an investigation. She claimed that the Air Force failed to protect her. They promoted her partner and gave verbal counseling.

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