2/27: Greenfield, Cheney, McMaster

Hybrid press briefing by Secretary General Antonio Guterres

U.N. warns that climate change is almost certain.

Chief of U.N. calls failure to tackle issue head-on “criminal”.

  • 2M ago


Snowshoer killed by Avalanche and his dog: “Companions to death”

CBS Denver was informed by a family member that Nathan Schmidt, her cousin, had been killed in an avalanche.

  • 18M ago

Ukraine Invasion

Doctor unable to save girl from shelling: “Show it to Putin!”

Doctors were unable save the little girl so her body was covered in a brightly colored jacket made of polyester.

  • 45M ago

mom carrying out a Covid-19 self test for her daughter

Almost half of 500 million free COVID tests still unclaimed

As the number of virus cases drops, experts say that people feel less pressure to test. The question is now what to do about the remaining virus cases.

  • 54M ago

Russian invasion of Ukraine continues

Despite ongoing siege, Ukraine wants to reach a ceasefire with Russia in the 1st round of talks

While Putin continues to attack Ukraine with nuclear weapons and talks of “deterrence”, Kyiv said that the key issue in negotiations was “an urgent ceasefire and Russian withdrawal.”

  • 1H ago

28th Screen Actors Guild Awards

Will Smith and “CODA,” both deaf actors, are big winners of the SAG Awards

These awards have been regarded as one of the best predictors for Oscar winners. This was Hollywood’s first major, live-televised awards ceremony.

  • 2H ago


Meero: Image As A Service

AI and Photography

  • 2H ago
  • 07: 30


Global Leader in People Science and Technology: SHL

A world in which businesses flourish, and their employees thrive is possible.

  • 2H ago
  • 05: 47


OpSec Security Security Solutions

Cybersecurity leaders

  • 2H ago
  • 06: 27


Hamlet Protein – Specialty Soy Ingredients

Produced young animals with optimal feed

  • 2H ago
  • 06: 39

Smiling female doctor examining senior patient in hospital

Black Americans are more likely to live longer for their health and financial well-being.

Experts say that making the right financial decisions can increase your life expectancy and help you achieve your goals of building wealth or passing it to your heirs.

  • 2H ago


The U.N. General Assembly will hold a rare emergency session about Ukraine

It’s the first meeting of its kind in 40 years. The Security Council will also meet Monday to address humanitarian concerns of Ukrainians in the country as well as those fleeing.

  • 4H ago

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