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Running is a great workout: It helps build muscle, blast calories and may even add years to your life. If you want to get 2022 started right, adding a daily run to your fitness routine might put you on the fast track to good health. Even a simple daily walk around your neighborhood can have great health benefits, such as easing joint pain and boosting immune function. Before you start a new exercise program, consult your physician. )

Before you hit the road, trail or treadmill, you may want to invest in a new pair of running shoes. According to research, running shoes should be replaced every 500 miles, so depending on how much wear and tear your old pair has endured, it might be time to upgrade.

CBS Essentials has sourced the most popular running shoes from the leading brands, including Brooks, Asics, Nike, Asics, Adidas, Reebok and Brooks. There are also great choices from lesser-known brands like Veja and On.

Veja Marlin



Meghan Markle, Katie Holmes and Reese Witherspoon all wear Veja sustainable sneakers. Although most well-known for its court shoes, the French firm also produces stylish and durable running shoes. Marlin is a light, high-performance running shoe that absorbs shock well. It also uses sustainable materials like rice, sugarcane, and Amazonian rubber. Both men and women sizes available.

Women’s Veja Marlin, $180

Men’s Veja Marlin, $180

Reebok Floatride Energy 3



Durable yet stylish, the Reebok Floatride Energy 3 offers lightweight cushioning that provides a smooth, responsive ride for all levels of runners and athletes. The brand also offers an “Adventure” trail running version made out of 30 percent recycled content.

Men’s Reebok Floatride Energy 3, $100

Women’s Reebok Floatride Energy 3, $100

On Cloudswift


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On, a decade-old Swiss athletic brand, continues to make sneakers adored by runners around the world. The Cloudswift is a popular style that’s perfect for running on rough surfaces. It has a super-cushioned sole which looks cool and feels great. You can choose from a variety of sizes for both women and men.

Women’s On Cloudswift, $150

Men’s On Cloudswift, $150

Brooks Ghost 14



Avid runners love the Ghost, one of the most popular sneaker styles from Brooks. The latest version, Ghost 14 running, offers ample cushioning for a soft, smooth ride from start to finish and features an updated midsole that reacts to your unique stride. You can choose from a variety of sizes for men and women.

Men’s Brooks Ghost 14, $115 and up

Women’s Brooks Ghost 14, $116 and up

Hoka One One Clifton 8


Hoka One One

Hoka One One is a brand consistently named by podiatrists as the most comfortable and ergonomic on the market. With its sleek silhouette and breathable mesh upper, the Clifton 8 is the most well-known running shoe. It also features a foam midsole that provides extra cushioning for pounding the pavement.

Hoka One One Clifton 8, $140

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38



Nike started producing the wildly popular Pegasus back in 1983, and the Air Zoom Pegasus, the latest design, continues to be its best-selling running shoe of all time. It is described by the brand as “a workhorse without wings” because of its cushioned support and breathability. You can purchase it in both men’s and women’s sizes.

Women’s Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38, $120

Men’s Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38, $120

Asics Gel Contend 7



Those on a budget will appreciate the Asics Gel Contend, a no-frills, high quality running shoe consistently praised for being the best value on the market. You can choose from a variety of colors and sizes.

Men’s Asics Gel Contend 7, $34 and up

Women’s Asics Gel Contend 7, $45 and up

Adidas Ultraboost 22



A new classic, the Ultraboost serves as the flagship running shoe from Adidas. The Ultraboost is as comfy as they come. It has a responsive and ultra-cushioned midsole, and additional foam at the heels to avoid blistering. You can choose from a range of colours in men’s or women’s sizes.

Women’s adidas Ultraboost 22, $125 and up

Men’s adidas Ultraboost 22, $190

Under Armour Flow Velociti SE


Wearing Under Armour

A contoured sneaker designed to look like a booty, the Under Armour Flow Velociti SE features a completely ruberless cushion and sole, providing a lighter ride while still gripping the ground. You can choose from a range of color options in men’s or women’s sizes.

Men’s Under Armour Flow Velociti SE, $130

Women’s Under Armour Flow Velociti SE, $130

New Balance Fresh Foam Roav


Neue Balance

This ultra cushioned, lightweight sneaker from New Balance costs half as much as many competitors, but offers the support, comfort and breathability needed to win the race.

Men’s New Balance Fresh Foam Roav, $70 (reduced from $85)

Woman’s New Balance Fresh Foam Roav, $70 (reduced from $85)

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